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Gyoza 5.75
Steamed or fried pork, vegetables filled dumplings

Spring Roll 6.50
Deep fried Japanese style vegetables filled rolls

Shumai 5.75
Steamed or fried shrimp dumplings
Wasabi Shumai 6.50
Steamed dumplings with wasabi flavored porkand shrimp filling

Edamame 5.00
Boiled Japanese fresh green soybeans

Dynamite Tuna 11.50
Filet of tuna coated with shichimi (Japanese spice blend), pan-seared rare
served with wasabi.

Calamari 10.00
Deep-fried calamari tossed with a spicy garlic chili sauce

Battered and lightly fried, served with a sweet dashi dipping sauce
Vegetables 8.00
Chicken and Vegetables 9.00
Shrimp and Vegetables 10.00

Miso Soup
Miso Soup 2.50
Chicken Noodle Soup 7.00
Dumpling Noodle Soup 7.50

House Salad 5.50
Salad topped with asparagus with
choice of ginger garlic vinegar dressing
or orange dressing

Seaweed Salad 5.50

Sunomono 10.00
Salad of assorted sliced fish, shellfish, seaweedand cucumber, served in ponzu sauce

Albacore tataki 10.00
Seared albacore tuna served in ponzu sauce

Tako Su 10.00
Sliced octopus and cucumber servedin ponzu sauce

Sushi 10.50
Assored nigiri sushi
Sashimi 11.50
Assorted fresh raw fish

Usuzukuri 10.50
Thinly sliced fresh raw white fish sashimi served with daikon puree and spicy sauce

Crab Salad 6.00
Marinated crab on top of salad
Tuna Salad (spicy) 10.00
Fresh raw tuna in spicy sauce on top of salad

Salmon Salad (spicy) 10.00
Fresh raw salmon in spicy sauce on top of salad

Avocado Salad 8.50
Marinated avocado, crab and

caviar, cucumber
Chef’s Special Salad 10.00
Seaweed salad, stripe bass, tobiko with ponzu sauce

Seafood Salad 10.00
Broiled seafood on top of salad with orange dressing

Steamed White Rice 2.75
Sushi Rice 3.75
Japanese Radish Pickle 3.50
Korean Kimchee 5.00
Steamed Tofu 5.00
Steamed Vegetables 5.00

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.


Battered and Lightly Fried.
Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup

Vegetables 17.00
Chicken and Vegetables 18.00
Shrimp and Vegetables 19.00

Deep-fried Bread Crumbs.
Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup

Chicken or Pork 17.00

Japanese style, a stir-fried wheat noodle.
Comes with Miso Soup

Vegetables and Chicken 15.00
Vegetables 14.00 Shrimp 16.00

Japanese style, a stir-fried noodle.
Comes with Miso Soup

Vegetables and Chicken 15.00
Vegetables 14.00 Shrimp 16.00

Thai Rice Noodle Stir Fried with Special Sauce. Topped with Ground Peanuts.
Comes with Miso Soup

Vegetables 12.50
Chicken 13.50
Tofu 13.50
Shrimp 14.50

Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup
Vegetables 15.50
Chicken 16.50
Tofu 16.50
Beef 18.00
Shrimp 18.00

Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup
Vegetables 15.50
Chicken 16.50
Tofu 16.50
Beef 18.00
Shrimp 18.00

Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup
Vegetables 15.50
Chicken 16.50
Tofu 16.50
Pork 16.50
Beef 18.00
Shrimp 18.00

GINGER GARLIC (Oyster Sauce)
Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup

Vegetables 15.50
Chicken 16.50
Tofu 16.50
Beef 18.00
Shrimp 18.00

Dynamite Tuna 22.00
Filet of Tuna Coated with Shichimi (Japanese Spice Blend)
Pan-Seared Rare, Served with Wasabi
Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup


BULGOKI (Korean B.B.Q.) 19.00
Comes with White Rice and Miso Soup
Bulgoki A popular Korean barbecued thinly sliced beef
BULGOKI is one of Korea’s most famous grilled dishes. It is made from sirloin or other prime cut of beef (such as top round), cut into thin strips. The meat is marinated for at least four hours to enhance the flavor and to tenderize it in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, and wine.

Sansai Udon or Soba 15.00
Assorted mountain vegetables, sweet bean curd in broth
Nabeyaki Udon17.00
Vegetables, chicken and egg in brothwith shrimp tempura
Tempura Udon or Soba 18.00
Noodles in broth, comes with shrimp and

Kitsune Udon or Soba 14.50
Noodles in broth with sweet tofu and tempura flakes

Clear chicken broth
Vegetables 13.50
Chicken 14.50
Dumpling 14.50
Shrimp 15.50

Spicy beef broth
Chicken 14.00
Dumpling 14.00

Comes with Miso Soup
Okdol Bibimbab with Tofu or Chicken 18.00
Okdol Bibimbab with Bulgoki (Korean Beef B.B.Q.) 19.00
Okdol Bibimbap OKDOL (STONE POT) BIBIMBAP is served sizzling hot in a stone pot that keeps the rice and vegetables warm all the time while you are eating. The basic objective of bibimbap is to combine various ingredients with rice in order to create a harmony of contrasting tastes. For truly great tasting bibimbap, a variety of ingredients are needed and thorough preparation should be made in advance. Great for experiencing with different vegetables, pleasing to the eye, and full of nutrients. Served with seasoned red chili pepper paste on the side.

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.


Comes with Miso Soup
Sushi A 22.00
7 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi with tuna maki
Sushi B 27.00
10 pieces of assorted nigiri shushi with California maki
Sushi and Sashimi A 29.00
4 kinds sushi and sashimi
Sushi and Sashimi B 34.00
5 kinds sushi and sashimi
Sashimi A 29.00
Calamari 4 kinds, 3 pieces each
Sashimi B 34.00
5 kinds, 3 pieces each

Love Dish A (Vegetable Maki) 16.50
Vegetable dynamite maki, popeye maki, cornucopia maki
Love Dish B (Raw fish maki) 19.50
Sakekyu maki, tekkyu maki, hamakyu maki
Love Dish C (Cooked Fish Maki) 24.00
Dynamite maki, yarmouth maki, American bay maki

Maki Platter 55.00
Around 30 pieces, comes with 2 soups
Sushi and Maki Platter 70.00
Around 30 pieces, comes with 2 soups
Sashimi and Sushi platter 80.00
Around 30 pieces, comes with white rice, 3 soups

Comes with Miso Soup
Salmon Bibimbab 19.00
Fresh raw salmon and assorted vegetables with
sesame oil over rice

Tuna Bibimbab 20.00
Fresh raw tuna and assorted vegetables with
Sesame oil over rice

Unaju 22.00
Broiled freshwater eel over rice
Chirashi 22.00
Assorted fresh raw fish and pickled vegetables
over sushi rice

Tekka donburi 21.00
Slice of fresh raw tuna and pickled vegetables
over sushi rice

Sake donburi 20.00
Slice of fresh raw salmon and pickled vegetables
over sushi rice

HOSO MAKI (Seaweed Outside)
Tuna/Salmon/Yellowtail Maki 6.25
Negi Maguro/Hamachi Maki6.50

URA MAKI (Rice Outside)
California Maki* 5.75
King California Maki* 9.00
Yellowtail Cucumber/Avocado Maki 6.75
Salmon Cucumber/Avocado Maki 6.75
Tuna Cucumber/Avocado Maki 6.75
Eel Cucumber/Avocado Maki* 8.00
Salmon Skin Maki 5.75
Ebi Cucumber/Avocado Maki* 6.00
Salmon Cream Cheese Maki 6.75

Avocado Maki 4.75
Cucumber Maki 4.75
Carrot Maki 4.75
Kanpyo Maki 4.00
Sweet squash
Oshinko Maki 4.00
Japanese radish pickle
Popeye Maki 5.50
Spinach, carrot, cucumber
Avocado and Cucumber Maki 4.75
Natto Maki 4.25
Fermented soybean
Ume Maki 4.25
Fermented plum paste and cucumber
Inari Maki 4.75
Sweet bean curd
Sweet Potato Maki 5.25
Asparagus Maki 5.00
Cornucopia Maki 5.50
Sweet potato tempura, kanpyo, burdock,lettuce and spicy sauce
Shiitake Maki 4.75
Cooked black mushroom
Veggie Dynamite Maki 6.25
Vegetable Dynamite Asparagus tempura, cucumber, avocado and sauce
Garden Maki 7.00
Kanpyo, burdock, oshinko, avocado, cucumber, shiitake


Sushi: 2 pcs per order
Sashimi: 3 pcs per order

Alaska King Crab* 8.00
Albacore Tuna 5.50 / 7.50
Baked Egg Omelette* (Tamago) 3.75 / 5.50
Crab Stick* (Kanikama) 4.25 / 5.50
Eel* (Unagi) 7.50 / 9.50
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) 6.00 / 8.00
Hawaiian Walu (Escolar) 6.00 / 8.00
Mackerel (Saba) 5.25 / 7.50
Octopus* (Tako) sushi/ 6.00 / 8.00
Salmon (Sake) 6.00 / 8.00
Salmon Roe (Ikura) 6.50 / 8.50
Sea Urchin (Uni) 7.00 / 9.00
Shrimp*(Ebi) 5.25 / 7.50
Smelt Roe (Masago) 5.00 / 7.00
Surf Clam (Hokkigai) 4.50 / 6.50
Smoked Salmon* 6.50 / 8.50
Stripe Bass (Suzuki) 5.50 / 7.50
Squid (Ika) 5.00 / 7.00
Sweet Bean Curd* (Inari) 3.75 / 5.50
Tuna(Maguro) 6.00 / 8.00
Yellowtail (Hamachi) 6.00 / 8.00
Fatty Tuna (Toro) Market Price
Live Scallop (Hotate) Market Price

Spicy Tuna/Salmon/Yellowtail 8.00
Special Spicy Tuna Maki 8.50
Spicy tuna, avocado
Crunch Spicy Tuna Maki 9.00
Spicy tuna, tobiko, tempura flakes
Spicy Scallop* 10.00
Broiled scallops with a spicy mayonnaise
Crunch Spicy Scallop 11.00
Broiled scallops, tobiko, tempura flakes with a spicy mayonnaise

wasabi King Roll* 16.00
Shrimp tempura roll layered with Alaskan king crab,avocado and tobiko
King 49er Roll 16.00
Alaskan king crab & avocado roll wrapped with slices of fresh salmon & topped with lemon, tobiko
Samurai Maki 16.00
Shrimp tempura roll wrapped withspicytuna with tempura flakes
Ocean Crab Roll* 13.00
Japanese crab stick, cucumber wrapped with crab salad, with spices on top
Boston* 7.50
Cooked salmon and avocado
American Bay Maki* 8.00
Smoked salmon cucumber and cream cheese
Amazing Roll 15.50
Yellowtail, tempura flakes and spicy mayonnaise wrapped in avocado and flying fish roe
New Alligator* 16.00
Shrimp tempura roll wrapped with avocado, freshwater eel and sauce
Tuna or Salmon Tempura Roll 11.50
Tuna or salmon cream cheese, battered and deep-fried, served with spicy sauce and eel Sauce
Red Dragon 16.00
Shrimp tempura and shiso leaf roll wrapped in slices of tuna, topped with jalapeno masago
Mexican Roll 14.50
Shrimp tempura and cilantro roll wrapped in slices of avocado, topped with habanero masago
White Tuna Maki 9.00
Albacore tuna, shiso leaf, scallions, ginger with ponzu sauce.
Spicy Ebi Roll* 12.50
Shrimp and tempura flake roll wrapped with avocado, topped with masago, served with spicy red pepper paste
Caterpillar* 11.00
Freshwater eel and cucumber roll wrapped with slices of avocado
Baja 9.00
Shrimp, avocado, roasted red pepper, spicy mayonnaise and tobiko
Shrimp Tempura* 7.50
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and sauce
Calamari* 8.50
Crispy fried squid, masago served with ponzu sauce
Spider* 12.50
Deep-fried soft shell crab rolled with lettuce, avocado, cucumber and sauce
Rainbow 14.00
California roll wrapped with assorted raw fish and tobiko
Rock and Roll 9.50
Freshwater eel, avocado, cucumber and tobiko
Dynamite Maki* 9.50
Shrimp tempura, eel masago ,cucumber, avocado and sauce
Jalapeno Maki* 8.50
Jalappeno pepper, cream cheese, spicy crab salad and deep-fried battered served with special sauce
Futo Maki* 8.00
Egg, avocado, cucumber, gourd, pickled daikon radish, crab stick and tamago.
Yarmouth Maki* 7.50
Crab salad, cucumber
Chopstick’s Maki 14.00
Spicy tuna, cucumber wrapped in tobiko, topped with seaweed salad and spicy sauce

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.


(i) = inside (o) = outside
Crunchy Spicy Eel 14.50
(i) Crab salad, tempura flakes and sauce
(o) Wrapped with avocado and eel

wasabi Salmon Lover 14.50
(i) Salmon tempora and asparagus
(o) Salmon, tobiko with sauce

Hawaiian Rainbow 14.50
California Maki, masago wrapped with tuna
Orange Dragon 14.50
(i) Eel and avocado
(o) Salmon and tobiko

Dancing Eel 16.00
(i) King crab and avocado
(o) Eel, pinenuts, and sauce


LUNCH SPECIALS (Saturdays Only)
Comes with Miso Soup
L1 Bulgoki Box 11.00
L2 Spicy Pork Box 11.00
L3 Chicken Teriyaki Box 11.00
L4 Spicy Chicken Box 11.00
Lunch Box
L5 Katsu Box Chicken or Pork 11.00
L6 Tempura Box Chicken or Shrimp 11.00
L7 Japanese Curry Box 11.00
Tofu, Chicken or Shrimp
Korean Spicy Ramen Noodle Soup 11.00
Sushi and Maki Lunch Box 14.00
4 pieces of sushi and tuna or salmon maki
Sashimi and Sushi Lunch Box 15.00
Assorted sashimiand 4 pieces of sushi
Maki Lunch Box 13.00
Pick two of the following: California Maki, Avocado and Cucumber Maki, Veggie Dynamite Maki, Tuna Maki, Salmon Maki, Yarmouth Maki, Sweet Potato Maki
Sushi A La Carte 2.00 per piece
Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Stripe bass, Shrimp, Hawaiian Walu, Mackerel, Albacore Tuna

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.


All Come With White Rice (except K5)
K1. Chicken Tempura (Sliced) 9.00
K2. Chicken Katsu 9.00
K3. Chicken Teriyaki 9.00
K4. Bulgoki (Beef Korean B.B.Q.) 9.00
K5. Chicken Stir Fried Noodle 9.00

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.




Ice Cream 4.50
Ginger or Green Tea
Mochi Ice Cream 5.00
Mango, Strawberry, Green Tea and Red Bean
Banana Tempura Ice Cream 6.00
Fried Banana with Whipping Cream and Ice Cream

* Cooked Item
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish, seafood or meat may increase risk of foodborne illness.




Classic Sakatini 9.00
Sake, vodka or gin, dry vermouth
Coconut Sake Martini 10.00
Pearl sake, vodka, coconut juice
Sake Appletini 10.00
Sake, vodka, apple pucker, splash of apple juice
Ginger Blueberry Saketini 11.00
Sake, Stoli Blueberry Vodka, Canton Ginger liqueur, lemon juice
Sake Sangria 10.00
Sake, Choya plum wine, cranberry juice
Chopstick Cosmo 10.00
Sake, vodka, cranberry, lime juice
Mai Tai 10.00
Captain Morgan, Malibu, juices, splash of grenadine
Zombie 10.00
Light and Dark rum, apricot brandy, orange juice, 151 float
Pineapple Passion 10.00
Rum, vodka, pineapple juice, sour and passionfruit mix
Blue Hawaiian 10.00
Malibu, pineapple juice, Blue Curaçao


Kirin Ichiban (12 oz) 5.00
Asahi (12 oz) 5.00
Sapporo (12 oz) 5.00
Sapporo (22 oz) 9.00
Tiger (12 oz) 5.00
Heineken (12 oz) 5.00
Geary’s (12 oz) 5.00
Shipyard (12 oz) 5.00
Bud Light (12 oz) 3.50
Coors Light (12 oz) 3.50
Budweiser (12 oz) 5.00

Shot 6.00
Cocktail 7.00

Pepsi / Diet / Ginger Ale / Shirley Temple 2.50
Apple Juice / Orange Juice / Cranberry Juice 2.50

Green Tea (Japanese) 2.00
Ginger Tea (Korean) 2.50
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